Genuine News Daily (GND) hosts many professional journalists who ensure that every information on this website is authentic and well researched. GND has dedicated teams for each category that employs experts in that particular field. Below is a list of chief editors, contributors, and analysts who hold total accountability of the content published on GND.


John Swann

John Swann is the chief editor at Genuine News Daily. With professional experience of journalism for over a decade, John loves to cover news on politics, technology, business, economy, foreign relations, and sports. John’s writings have appeared on Tribune Media, Huffington Post, Pacific Standard, New Republic, and The News Journal to name a few. You can contact John on

David Wayne

David Wayne holds a postgraduate degree in Mass Communications from the Kent State University. After studying, David pursued a job in journalism, and that’s all he has been doing ever since then. With professional experience of 9+ years, David is a chief editor at GND and covers topics from business, technology, entertainment, sports, and politics. You can contact David on

Paul Tardif

Paul Tardif is a Sr. Analyst at GND and holds a bachelors degree in political science. Paul worked at local newspaper agencies before joining in as a contributor at GND. He loves to cover news on politics, economics, sports, and business. You can contact Paul on

Sheri Johnson

Sheri Johnson is a Sr. Analyst and a contributor at GND and holds a bachelors degree in journalism. She has been a freelance author to several popular news portals before she joined GND. Sheri covers news on fashion, entertainment, and sports. You can contact Sheri on

Keith Skillman

Keith Skillman is an engineer by profession and a tech enthusiast. He contributes to all technology and entrepreneurial articles on Genuine News Daily. Keith has worked as a freelance journalist with couple of leading tech magazines including Tribune Media, Huffington Post, and Buzz Feed to name a few. When not writing, Keith loves to go hiking and watch Sci-fi movies. You can contact Keith on